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Hello everyone!

I’m Tae, a 23 year old born and raised in Bellingham, WA- but am happy to be based in Seattle now. I’m here to talk about outdoor diversity, social justice, uplifting the black community and mental health. My goal is to provide resources everyone can access as well as educational insight on the black experience, wealth gaps, privilege and other things that might make you uncomfortable.

Transparency is essential to how I run my tiny business as well as my personal life. With that being said, I boldly stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, defunding the police, uplifting black and brown communities, supporting all LGBTQIA2+ humans, human rights to their own bodily autonomy, and dismantling white supremacy. It’s been a long-time dream of mine to open my online shop and give back to the communities I belong to.

Together we have the power to disrupt and change the systems that damage and oppress our communities.


My commitment to sustainability starts with packing all products in biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging made from 100% recycled materials. Everything ships 100% plastic free. My efforts in reducing my carbon footprint include but aren’t limited to, buying from local suppliers, limiting some orders to pre-sales, placing small batch orders on shop items, minimalist waste-free packaging and offering in-person pickup. As my shop continues to grow I’ll be capable of integrating more sustainable apparel options.


All orders are put together, inspected and fulfilled by me before they ship to you!

The Hub:

I created “The Hub” so black and brown communities could have better access to resources made for us, by us. I've spent countless hours researching and networking with BIPOC organizations and individuals so I could create The Hub. Black and brown voices and needs deserve to be amplified and visible. Different resources with direct links to the organization's websites are listed for everyone to openly access anytime. This tab highlights the Seattle area's local black and brown lead organizations that not only strengthen but create and encourage healing within our communities. Proceeds from the items sold in my shop will be donated to these organizations. I firmly believe in promoting fundamental support systems built by the people, for the people.

The Hub is updated on a regular basis and includes:

Mental Health



Events + Organizing

Cultural Preservation

Being added soon:

Reproductive Health

Facebook Groups

If you know of or are an organization that would like to participate, please contact me.


Proceeds made from items sold through my shop go directly to the organizations listed in “The Hub” tab, and back into the business so I can continue to create and donate.


If you’re interested in donating please click here for Venmo, here for PayPal, and here for cashapp.

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